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genetic arTerations

For years now, man has been intervening forcefully on nature, genetically modifying plants and animals to create "products" that best suit their needs;

This is possible thanks to a molecule that we now know very well: DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid (Deoxyribonucleic Acid).

This molecule acts as a map for the construction of every living being: the instructions change, the result changes.


Experimentation has always played a fundamental role in art as well; and this is how we are constantly faced with new expressive techniques, born from the mixing of different styles or from the introduction of innovative materials.

Obviously in art everything is allowed or almost, because unlike genetics, in art there is no ethics that watches over artistic manipulations, all artists can experiment with new techniques to try to improve their style and attract public and critics.


In recent years I have decided to abandon the abstract style to devote myself to the figurative, in particular to pop-art and characterizing my works by introducing waste materials and industrial products, typical of the informal and material style. In this way I have added a phase of research and experimentation to the artistic process, which goes beyond the technique.




Any object, once exploited for its usual use, can have a second and more dignified existence; this is what I try to represent in my works and, in addition to the inspiration that plays a fundamental role for all artists, the daily search for new materials has an importance that can influence the inspiration itself. 






Christian Sacchi, aka Chryliko, was born in Sesto San Giovanni (MI) on 7 June 1972.

From 1986 to 1988 he attended the state artistic institute at the Villa Reale in Monza, which he left soon after completing the two-year course. The teaching received here, in fact, perched on the traditional precepts of art, cannot in any way find support in Christian's innate propensity for linguistic experimentation. Christian matures his artistic creativity in a completely autonomous way, fascinated by the works of Burri and Fontana: reality is always a reservoir of new and expressive materials, from sand to wood, from fabrics to metal, all strengthened or transformed in their expressiveness through bright shades of acrylic colors.

Despite having obtained a certificate in an art school in 1987, he began to devote himself to material painting only in 2005, almost for fun, to decorate the walls of his new home, while in 2010 he began to frequent galleries with the first group exhibitions. .

He began to paint using the informal material technique until 2013.

Since 2014, influenced by Warhol's pop-art after admiring his works live in Milan, he has decided to face this new and ambitious challenge, combining recycled materials and material effects with figurative, thus trying to bring to the walls of the houses, materials and objects that usually end up in the trash.

From the fusion of the term acrylic with part of its name, the signature aChryliko was born.




ISA State Art Institute at the Royal Villa of Monza (MB)



2016 - Plinio Perilli

2012 - EURO ARTE (magazine)

2011 - NEW ART 2011 (Mondadori)

2011 - Cinzia Folcarelli




  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Collage

  • Photo editing

  • Plastic materials processing

  • Wise use of recycled materials for the creation of material elements

  • Resin preparation

  • Mixing of industrial products for material bases



2015 - First classified ex aequo with the project "R3cycled arT" at the artistic event "Emisferi Creativi", organized by MostraMI at Folli 50.0 Bracco Foundation (MI)


2014 - Second place at the 16th edition "Expo Arte Corvetto", at the tree-lined avenue from p.le Corvetto in v.le Brenta (MI)


2012 - Awarded by the Critics at the 11th Ba-Rocco Trophy, at the "Sala degli Oleandri" Municipality of Baggio (MI)


2010 - 3rd place in the online competition "Most popular" of the portal





Via private Oristano, 15

20128 Milan

cel: +39 347 8134727


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